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All​ the boring stuff is here...

Below you will find all our polices, terms and conditions and generally boring stuff.... Please familiarise yourself with these.

It's part of your agreement with us as a service user. 

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Hi there!

Welcome to Studio 365 Ltd, we hope you enjoy your experience with us. 

By accepting these terms on our site or App you agree to the following:

Your agreement with us commences on accepting these terms.

You agree to receive marketing emails and push notifications from us.

You will exercise within your limits and you agree to complete a Health Questionnaire on your arrival at the Studio before partaking in any exercise. All exercise carries a risk.

If you have any health issue/disability you feel may affect your ability to exercise safely or disadvantage you, you must first speak to the trainer and if necessary subsequently seek the appropriate medical advice. We will consider what adjustments, if any, are reasonable for us to make.

You agree to make yourself familiar and abide by any rules, information, instructions written or verbal or any warning signs on the premises.

 All exercise carries a risk.

STUDIO365 Ltd to the extent permitted by law disclaim any liability in connection with the exercise delivered and any instruction or advice provided. You agree to update us and your PARQ of any significant change to your health since the first completion of your PARQ.

Children accompanying you on the premises do so at your own risk. Studio365 accepts no liability for children on the premises. You agree to keep children under control, away from equipment and return the waiting room to the condition in which you found it. Children must never disrupt classes for other members.

You should let us know immediately if you feel unwell whilst using our equipment or facilities

 Our staff are not doctors but someone with First Aid training will be available.

You agree you have made yourself aware and accept terms of our cancellation/purchase/refund and privacy policies as clearly displayed here on our site.

 Please pay particular attention to our "No Show" clause in the cancellation policy.

Only you, the person named in this online joining process can benefit from this agreement.

Studio 365 Ltd its staff and subcontractors are not liable for any loss, damage or theft of your property that you bring onto the premises. If any loss is subject to negligent acts or omissions by Studio 365 or our employees our liability to you will be limited to £100.

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to our rules, schedules and membership agreements. It is entirely your responsibility to check online at regular intervals for such changes to these policies.

Your health is your responsibility and we undertake to assist you in enjoying the facilities that we offer.

To opt out of communications from us please select this option in your account set up.

Cancellation policy

We operate a fair cancellation policy within our rolling monthly and contract subscription memberships as follows.


 This means we will cancel your agreement with us  however, we require 2 calendar weeks notice in writing via email/messenger to process this on our rolling month by month subscriptions. 

Please note should a scheduled payment be due in the period between us receiving notice and the 14 day notice date you are obliged to make that payment. Should this payment fail you will be subject to the normal failed payment recovery fees. Period of cancellation  only applies from date letter/evidence was administered.

Cancellation of contracted membership, courses, bootcamps and workshops is only when any of the following apply and with 2 weeks notice.

(1) A Doctors letter stating that exercise is detrimental to health if continued.

 (2)Moving permanently out of the area (more than 15 miles from the Studio).Proof of relocation ie utility bill/tenancy agreement/ solicitor's letter will be required as evidence.

Redundancy after joining - proof of the redundancy letter required.


Temporary illness or injury - agreement can be frozen on appropriate proof from Doctor or other substantially qualified medical practitioner.

Pregnancy - agreement can be frozen if you become pregnant for a max of 6 months pre-birth and 6 months after birth upon the appropriate evidence being given.

Any further requests for agreement freeze are entirely at the discretion of management.

Please note any FREEZE will not be effected until required evidence has been received.


A "no show" is when a client books a class and fails to attend. A class may be cancelled on the app up to 60 or 120 mins before the class commencement time (dependent on the class). We accept that under certain circumstances cancellation of your class may be impossible therefore we will accept cancellation via email/text/Fb msg under the 60 min deadline and up until close of business (8pm) that day. 

12 noon Saturday & Sunday.

Clients who fail to cancel their booking or contact us before the closing of business that day will be charged to their card, without notice, the "no show" fee of £5 for that particular class. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.


PAYG fee of £6/£5/1 x class credit is payable and is non-refundable in the event of non-attendance regardless of the reason for non-attendance.

 Fee/ class credit will only be refundable if cancellation is made in the period of time up to 1 hour before the class is due to commence. This may be 2 hours dependant on the class. 

 Cancellations less than 1 or 2  hours before class commences will result in fee/class credit being charged. *Fee will be refunded to pay as you go clients as a class credit only, these credits have a 4 week expiry.

Classes refunds are awarded on a like for like basis ie" Spin" is cancelled so credit is awarded back for "Spin" or a £6 class is awarded a £6 class credit. 


Class packs are clearly advertised with an expiry date and/or limited number of classes before purchase. Please don't ask for these to be refunded, extended or transferred as refusal often offends!



There are no refunds on monthly subscriptions and contracted payment memberships.

 Cancellation of such is strictly under the terms of our cancellation policy and within 14 days notice.

Refunds are only applicable if our system has made a charge in error.


Should you purchase a duplicate membership, pay as you go pass or any other service or item from our store when you press "purchase" you will be charged. We are under no obligation to refund any item bought by you "in error"

Should an upfront payment of an annual membership fall under the terms of our cancellation policy refunds will only be effected from the date appropriate evidence is received.

Additional services

1.Personal Training Sessions and “additional services” do not form part of this Agreement and are not provided by Studio365

2. Any “additional services” (including, for example, Personal Training Sessions, Sports Therapy, Massage Therapy etc) which you contract for or agree to pay for, do not form part of your Membership Agreement and the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement will not apply to them. You should be aware that if you enter into any agreement for “additional services”, you are entering into an agreement with those individuals and not with us.



Fees paid for bootcamps, courses, workshops or special/short term/introductory offer are non refundable or transferrable unless the request falls under the conditions of our cancellation policy as above. 

By clicking "Place Order"/"Purchase" you confirm you have read and accepted our terms and conditions, cancellation and refund policies.

3. We do not accept any liability for any losses, damage, personal injury or other loss caused by any negligent act or omission of those providing the “additional services” which are specifically excluded from the Membership Agreement and we do not accept any responsibility for the same save where precluded by law.

4. We may provide induction services or personal reviews of your training needs if required. Such services are provided without additional charge.

Nb: Any refunds authorised will be processed as "Account Credit" and the relevant amounts credited to your Mindbody account without expiry. Refunds are not processed on a cash basis and will be subject to the deduction of processing fees charged to us on the inital and any refund transaction (2.00 percent +20p per transaction)


In the event that a subscription payment fails or is declined by the bank our payment handling system will retry the payment for 7 days continuously. You will be notified by email every time a payment is unsuccessful. 

After 7 days if the payment hasn't been successful the amount will be reverted to a negative balance and you will be charged a  failed payment fee of £15. 

Your data....

Data Protection / GDPR

There are certain email and SMS communications which it is necessary for us to send to all members, in connection with their bookings, reservations and Membership. In order to do so we will process your personal data for the purposes of performing our contractual obligations to you under the terms of your Membership.

You cannot opt out of these communications. You may opt out of email and SMS communications that we may otherwise send for promotional or marketing purposes, but if you do we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by you not receiving gym-related communications. All processing of your personal data will be in accordance with our Privacy, CCTV & Data protection policy, available at

For the safety and security of you, our other members and our staff, and for associated purposes of crime prevention and detection, we operate 24-hour CCTV security at all our premises. The images will be captured, processed and retained in accordance with our separate Privacy, CCTV & Data Protection Policy available as above. Access to such footage will also be governed by the provisions of that policy.

We will securely store personal data including membership information and recorded CCTV footage in accordance with our privacy policy which is available at

 You can contact us with any queries or concerns by emailing [email protected]

Social Media

Welcome to Studio365!

We are delighted to welcome you as part of the 365 family.

Please explore the app where you will find everything you need.

If you have any questions please message us via our Facebook page

send a text to 07962079190 or email

[email protected]

Our inboxes are very very busy places please be patient. We will respond as soon as we possibly can. 

Please also remember - messages that are rude, ill advised or inappropriate won't warrant a reply. Thanks for understanding.