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What's the content of my class? - Here's a brief breakdown of what is included in each class....**TIMETABLES SUBJECT TO CHANGE CHECK OUT APP FOR UP TO DATE CLASS LISTINGS **

SPIN - Indoor cycling on a static bike - Cardio workout

BOOTY MAMMAS - This is the class we offer a babysitting service free of charge - Class content varies on a daily basis. Booking via App.

1/2 SPIN 1/2 KETTLEBELLS - Rounds of indoor cycling and Kettlebell drills designed to work on cardiovascular health and muscular strength

STEP AEROBICS - 50 minutes of good old fashioned STEP! Groovy tunes, loud singing and a full on cardio workout! Sweating guaranteed!!

PUMP - A full body workout using weighted bars - Fantastic muscle toning and fat burning - FIRM BODIES ARE MADE HERE!!

TAE-BO - A mixture of boxing drills, cardio and basic martial arts - MAJOR CALORIE BURN, FIRM ARMS AND TONED LEGS!

KETTLEBELLS - A full body conditioning Kettlebell workout - superb workout !

BOXFIT - Traditional boxing skills taught in drills to maximise your cardio output and allow you to have fun! fun! fun! - release some stress!!!!

HIIT/HIIT MAX - High intensity intervals - taught in short sharp burst - push that body to the limits!!!